Pro Loco Signa A.P.S.
Who we are

Who we are

The Pro Loco Signa Tourist Association was founded in 2010 and brings together all natural persons who intend to actively work to promote the tourist, cultural, environmental, social, sporting, historical and artistic development of the territory of the Municipality of Signa and encourage the improvement of life of its residents. It has a non-profit purpose and its members work in favor of it with the concept of volunteering, operating with an internal system inspired by principles of democracy and aimed at obtaining the best possible results in the context of promotion and social utility activities.

The purposes that Pro Loco Signa has as its corporate purpose are:

  • Carry out effective work to organize the location for tourism, proposing all those initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing the natural beauty as well as the cultural, historical, monumental and environmental heritage;
  • Promote and organize initiatives (conferences, excursions, public shows, exhibitions, celebrations, sporting events, food and wine fairs and/or other types, as well as social solidarity initiatives, environmental recovery, restoration and management of monuments, etc.) that serve to attract and make the stay of tourists more pleasant and the quality of life of residents better;
  • Develop a sense of hospitality towards guests
  • Take care of the protection, information and reception of tourists, also through the tourist office;
  • Promote and develop activities in the social and voluntary sectors
  • Collaborate with the competent bodies in supervising the management of public and private services of tourist interest;
  • Promote and develop solidarity and volunteering as well as social aggregation, through activities in the social and volunteering sectors for the benefit of the local population

La Pro Loco Signa aderisce all’U. N. P. L. I. (Unione Nazionale Pro Loco d’Italia) ed al Comitato Regionale delle Pro Loco della Toscana, nel rispetto dello Statuto e delle normative U. N. P. L. I.