Pro Loco Signa A.P.S.
How to join

How to join

Dear partner,

This year too we want to launch our membership campaign. What the Pro Loco of Signa represents, like the over 6,300 pro locos spread throughout our national territory, is that of being a voluntary tourist association, in which each member lends their work to help grow and enhance their own territory , as well as the cultural, historical, monumental and environmental heritage; promote and organize initiatives; take care of the protection, information and reception of tourists, also through the tourist office; promote and develop solidarity and volunteering through activities in the social sector for the benefit of the local population.

Pro Loco Signa also adheres to the U. N. P. L. I. (National Pro Loco Union of Italy) and to the Regional Committee of the Pro Loco of Tuscany, in compliance with the Statute and regulations of U. N. P. L. I.

The Pro Loco Member Card is the membership card of all the Pro Locos in Italy. A single card that will allow you to feel part of the Pro Loco world and, above all, will guarantee thousands of discounts throughout the national territory.

The Card is annual and on the back it is possible to personalize it with the Pro Loco and Member data.

On the website all the national and local agreements are listed divided by category and region. All agreements are geolocalized on a map to allow easy identification.

To join our Pro Loco, simply pay the annual membership fee of €10.00 and fill out the admission application with address and personal data available in our office at the Tourist Information Point in Piazza Stazione.

We are waiting for you!!!

Some agreements stipulated for all holders of the Member’s Card:

Membership forms: