The Renai Park

The Renai Park Signa is not only history and art, culture and centuries-old architectural beauty. Positioned in a naturalistic environment original, surrounded by hills and surrounded by a large area with many lakes and rivers, it offers numerous natural attractions and unique natural environments. To the east of Signa, closed by the confluence of the Arno with Bisenzio, covers an area about three hundred acres sandy, all dotted with lakes of various shapes and sizes. This is called Renai island, an island in particular, not being completely surrounded by water. However, its structure and conformation is due in large part to the two rivers that surround and define and numerous lakes that dot, giving it a very peculiar shape. Within this natural and populated, in which the balance between man and nature has remained untouched for centuries, it has been realized a large park and river boat, the "Free State of Renai", one of the most important river parks Europe. The origin of these bodies of water can be attributed to the intensive sand mining began after World War II, when the devastation caused by the conflict, followed by a reconstruction passionate and tumultuous, but often messy and without programming. In the 50s in fact all the beaches, the lake shores, river banks were under assault to be turned into quarries; Renai i did not escape this fate, and the ancient bond between man and river flooding and the fact of good agricultural land and intensely cultivated remained unchanged for centuries, suddenly stopped to give way to cranes and machinery for the extraction of sand. At the end of the '70s, however, thanks to the emergence of a more conscious ecological awareness, mining activities were interrupted, and he began to think about the recovery of this large area. The challenge was to try to re-establish a new balance between man and the river, environmentally friendly but at the same time accessible, that is, trying to avoid "freeze" the landscape and nature, marginalizing by human development. Today the victory of this challenge is before the eyes of all citizens of Signa and thousands of visitors every year, from April to October, flock to the park Renai. The company Isola dei Renai SpA, which manages the park with 51% of the shares, including the municipal administration Signa, the other municipalities of the Plain Florentine, the Province of Florence and the Tuscany Region, together with the company Renai Project, a consortium that instead owns 49% of the shares and who is pursuing the project of excavation and construction of the park, consisting of the former owners of the land of the Renai, they succeeded largely to reconstruct in a harmonious aspects with environmental and agricultural, and needs of sports and recreational activities with those of ecological protection. The Renai Park is currently home to various water activities and sports: sailing, windsurfing, boat rental, picnic areas with swimming pool, soccer fields, beach volleyball, mini golf and climbing wall equipped for you and free climbing, park playground, bar, restaurant and pizzeria, as well as a great beach for bathing. Inside it is possible to take walks in the green of the many nature reserves of the WWF, rich in flora and fauna typical of a river and lake. Along the river also extends the Arno river park, with a 10-kilometer bike path that connects to the Renai at Cascine Park in Florence.

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