Sosta del Papa

La Sosta del Papa is a small hamlet of Barberino Val d'Elsa, located on the street Via Cassia state just before with the municipal boundary with Poggibonsi. Known locally as the piss of the Pope took the name from a curious and fun fact of daily life that saw, in spite of himself, Pope Pius VII on June 2 1813. It is said that the Pope, during the long journey to Rome back from France where he had been deported by order of Napoleon Bonaparte, were caught in this area by a sudden physiological need. The papal procession went therefore with the utmost speed to a farmhouse of the place, asking the inhabitants to grant the use of the toilets illustrious travelers The rest of the Pontiff was limited to the time necessary to help but the owners of the house, welcomed the resounding and unexpected visit, thought to remember with a plaque remembering the event and also the resort itself took its name. The text of the plaque "Pius VII PONT SUPREME Pei fears of war by Joachim Napoleon on for ladies in Italy to do with party providam the day March 22, 1813 from Rome and for the space of two months while discacciavasi for the Austrian army and the author of the Tuscan undertaken by Napoli drew back Genoa back in the day on June 2 at its headquarters from physical necessity forced this house with his august presence honored. The memorable event wanted to hand down to posterity in this marble Batista Filippo Pandolfini Florentine nobleman. " Batista Filippo Pandolfini comes from the family whose race starts Signa and will continue for many centuries. There are numerous Pandolfini that have made the history of their city, but above all that of Florence.

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