What is the Pro Loco

The Tourist Association Pro Loco Signa, brings together all the individuals, who intend to work actively to promote the development of tourism, cultural, environmental, social, sporting, historical, artistic territory of Signa and help improve the lives of its residents . It did not for profit and its members working for the same with the concept of volunteering, working with the internal organization based on the principles of democracy and addressed to achieve the best possible results within the business of promotion and social utility . The objectives of the Pro Loco Signa whose objects are:     Carry out effective work to organize the tourist resort, offering all the initiatives to protect and enhance the natural beauty and cultural heritage, historical, monumental and environmental;     To promote and organize events (conferences, excursions, public performances, exhibitions, celebrations, sports events, food and wine fairs and / or other beliefs, as well as social initiatives, environmental recovery, restoration and management of monuments, etc. ..) which serve to attract and make more pleasant the stay of tourists and the best quality of life for residents;     Develop a sense of welcome to the guests     Treating protection, information and reception of tourists, including through the tourist office;     Promote and develop activities in the social sector and the voluntary sector     Cooperate with the competent bodies in the supervision on the conduct of public and private services of interest to tourists;     Promote and develop solidarity and voluntary work as well as the social gathering, through activities in the social sector and volunteering to help the people of the locality. The Pro Loco Signa adheres to the U. N. P. L. I. (National Union of Pro Loco of Italy) and the Regional Committee of the Pro Loco of Tuscany, in compliance with the laws and regulations U. N. P. L. I.

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Pro Loco Signa

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Piazza Stazione - 50058 Signa (Firenze)


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