The tabernacles

The feeling of deep devotion which gave rise to the cult of the Blessed Giovanna, in the fifteenth century was still visible through the streets of the town of the same Signa, in the many shrines that adorned the walls or corners of the houses that looked along the busier roads . The largest of those is left to us by the Master of Signa, painted around the middle of the fifteenth century on the edge of a house located along the road connecting the castle to the village of San Miniato. It depicted the Madonna and Child surrounded by angels and honored by San Miniato and San Giovanni Battista, owners of the nearby churches. He is currently placed in the Church of San Lorenzo, after the restoration in 1995. The same scene of the Madonna and Child with Saints in the tabernacle was repeated with frescoes by Domenico di Michelino, a follower of Fra Angelico, in a niche located along Street of the Ivy, and is also dated around 1465. Always cross street of the Ivy and Street de 'Berti was instead seen another great tabernacle, now sadly reduced to only one ocher, painted at the end of the fifteenth century, also depicting the Madonna and Child Enthroned flanked by two saints.

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