The Fiera di Signa and the Palio of the Archers of the Peoples of Signa

Always a Signa, starting from the first week of September, there is another event of great tourist attraction, which is reminiscent of a historical event important for the community Signa, Signa siege to the castle by the troops of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and the subsequent rejection of the militias, which took place in 1397. The siege of the Castle of Signa was an episode of the war that began in 1396: in March 1397 the troops of the Visconti allocated nell'alleata Siena intrapesero raid in the Florentine countryside led by Count Alberigo, reaching a Signa, who unsuccessfully besieged for two days (24 and 25 March). Fires from the tower. The refusal of the militia Visconti was therefore a source of pride to the community, which provided to perpetuate his memory for as long as possible. During the fair in September, on the occasion of the commemoration of this historical episode medieval Castle Signa back to life, bustling with people, sounds, music and color. The narrow streets of the castle come alive in fact, markets and stalls selling handicrafts, artifacts and food stands, while ancient jugglers, actors and extras - dressed in the medieval fashion - walk the historical center dragging locals and visitors back in time, at the time in which the castle was the central hub of the life of the town. Also within the walls of the Castle is held on a scenic medieval banquet, where food is served in use at the time, and ends with the burning of the Tower of the north, in memory of the rejection of the militias, impressive fireworks display, in which the Tower is colored lights and the colors of the fireworks against the background of the late summer night. During the Fair also the historical procession accompanying the remains of the Blessed the day of Easter Monday is back, parading through the streets of the Castle and accompanying competitors of the Palio of the Archers of the Peoples of Signa. Fire TorreAnche this event, the historic character whilst not actually recalling similar events held in the past, costitusce an important time of the Fair. It aims to recall the old rivalries between the four peoples that was once divided Signa. To the people who with his archers won the race, the Palio is assigned and the honor of adorning the donkey with their own colors at the next Feast of Blessed Joan, as well as the right of way in the parade of the historical parade during the the same party. During the parade are the Alfieri to carry the flag or insignia, representative of his people: the flag of Santa Maria in Castello is on a white field, dominated by a Grand Fiera of Signa lily blue, silver and purple surrounded by lists made with Marian symbols , in honor of the Virgin Protectress of this people. That of San Lorenzo is in black and green field, dominated by a diagonally grill silver, symbol of the holy martyr remembered by these people. The flag of San Miniato is sormounted instead by a ring pierced by a sword, in memory of the martyrdom of Saint Florentine, a black field. Finally, one of San Giovanni is dominated by a large red cross on a white field. On the sides there are waves, symbolizing the waters of baptism and, in a shield, the crux of the Baptist populi.

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