The Castle

Surely the Castle of Signa is the heart of the community, not only for geographical centrality that covers - rising in the highest part of the country, on the right bank of the Arno - but especially for the symbolic centrality that embodies the identity of every citizen Signa . The Castle is in fact the original place of the community, the nucleus from which every human and historical began, and still lives a life of intense and hard-working. It is home to various business activities and crafts, but especially of a dense network of housing - often built on the ruins of the ancient city walls and towers - that, despite the rebuilding and restoration occurred in the course of the centuries, still offer today the charm of their medieval origins. To get an idea of its original layout just look at the frescoes of the Master of Signa made in 1462 in the parish of St. John the Baptist, another symbol of the community Signa. In these is depicted surrounded by impressive walls with high towers. Today, these walls, doors and mighty towers, were numerous tracks, but only a keen eye may be able to understand and decipher. But the decoding of this landscape of memory, so full of echoes and ancient citations, makes it even more fascinating path of whoever is preparing to climb the narrow streets of the Castle, beginning its journey from Street Dante Alighieri, to cross the winding streets within the walls, then dropped away from the clock and from there continue on his journey to discover the treasures of Signa.

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Comune di Signa