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History Historically, it has also always been a vital component of the moments of celebration and gathering of the community in large cities and in small countries: the most important events were celebrated with dancing and singing to the rhythm and often the catalyst for all this, and the crossroads , was a musical band. Similarly, this is also the story of the Philharmonic "Giuseppe Verdi" di Signa, consisting of Lorenzo Calosi in 1824, since its inception, the Philharmonic became an important reference point and meeting place for the community Signa, the soundtrack of all the most important moments of celebration civil and religious community, also bringing forward the teaching of music at the new generations. The moment of maximum activity of the Philharmonic coincided with the period between the last years of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century. With the end of World War II began, however, the rapid decline: too many changes in society, in tastes, habits, and in the composition of the band itself led to its dissolution in 1952, after more than a hundred years of honorable activity. But the memory remained strong, and the wave of nostalgia - but not only that, but with an eye to the future - in 1981 a group of "old" fans of Signa (Leonetto Franks, Francis Giovagnoli, Ugo Marretti, Luigi Nannucci, Elio Alberto Rugians and Renzo Vettori) gave new life to the Philharmonic, which since then has not stopped since and in almost thirty years of activity has managed to bring back the passion for music into the homes and families of Signa, but even further: it is in fact performed several times at the Salone dei Cinquecento in Old Palace, as well as some of the most beautiful squares in Italy and even in Austria and France. Three Masters (Manlio Freiles, Franco Rannino and now Stefano Mangini) have taken over the years at the helm of musical direction, and they put their expertise at the service of the Philharmonic, but what has made possible the continued growth of this project was mainly the 'enthusiasm and love for music that the members of the band, and residents all, they have shown in recent years. And so much of this work has been done by young people, and for young people. Parallel to the concert, the Philharmonic has promoted the teaching and dissemination of music, through the creation of a school of music, dedicated to the memory of Alberto Rugians, who was one of the main architects of his rebirth. A nice way to foster generational change, and to involve more and more young people: this is thanks to the work of the Masters Carmelo furniture, Tatiana Fedi, Dust to Matthew, Luciano Fiorello and Filippo Daidone, and the large investment made by the Philharmonic, which gave the instruments to the boys and offered free lessons. A great enrichment for everyone, but especially for kids of all ages (from primary school to university, and over) who have taken seriously the 'commitment, and have rediscovered the pleasure of being together. But the projects of the Philharmonic to engage young people do not stop here: the band has also led to the teaching of music in schools, through a teaching project that has approached many kids to music. In particular, the middle school Leonardo da Vinci to Lastra a Signa responded enthusiastically to this project: the first "little talent" begin to appear, and have begun to follow in the footsteps of the "greats". This year, the Philharmonic has performed at four events, including Signa, Lastra a Signa, Radda in Chianti and Piazza della Signoria, and always has been a great success. And now there is a world behind the Philharmonic: The band is composed of 45 items, which are added the boys of the Youth Group, the Majorettes of Dance Connection, which sometimes accompany the live band, the boys of Leonardo da Vinci, the School which consists of 100-120 boys and, last but not least, also the "chorus of mothers." A great job, and a great passion, and it is no accident that a Signa it comes back to breathe music, and it is not uncommon to find a tool in every home. "We're back to being a meeting point like old times," he says with pride, and even a little 'of emotion, the current President of the Philharmonic Fabrizio Rossi. In short, a really nice project. In particular, there is a great interest for all youth activities carried out by the Philharmonic. Because music is an infectious passion, which is transmitted through the generations, but that it might grow a fruit, we need someone to plant a seed. On 6 December 2011, the Philharmonic Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi, together with the Corteo Storico di Signa, has been in the Hall of '500 in the Old Palace, the certificate of "Group of national interest".

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