Oracle of Cecco Santi

Brief history of an ancient tradition Each year, the evening of the last Sunday in June or July 1 takes place in locations Lecore the exhibition of the "Flight of Cecco Saints", a re-enactment that originated when the small fraction of Signa was a thriving and independent village Florentine , a tradition that a Lecore handed down from generation to generation. Cecco Santi is the subject of many legends Tuscany: according to the more reliable it would be a captain who for the love of a woman was accused of treason and thus thrown from a tower, but miraculously survived. The Captain, who for some years in Vinci also undergoes a similar treatment is in accordance with the "ceremonial" of Lecore knocked down from above, but along a trajectory distance: interpreting its glide farmers make predictions about the harvest. The ceremony, which will include games, contests and a parade, eventually turns into a party for food and necessarily so, at the Recreation Club Lecore, you churn out pizzas, buns and the best dishes but they also serve the food from the pots of lord of the place. Until a few years ago the flight of Cecco Santi took place in the picturesque square of Lecore, from a tower Colombaria of the fifteenth century, but then the authorities placed a ban, due to poor structural safety of the building. Today is carried out in the large open space in front of the Recreation Club, thanks to the valuable efforts of hard-working volunteers who each year are reviving the ancient tradition. The Saints, so it is called by old friends, today is embodied by a wooden dummy weighing 80 pounds, decked out as a soldier, and is slid for about 100 meters along a steel cable, until it touches the ground. As soon as this happens, it takes a real assault on the part of those present, because it is said that touching it after the flight to bring good luck. The farmers of the area drew and draw wishes for the crop during the year by the motion more or less regular puppet along the trajectory, a little 'as in Florence for the dove, within the Easter ceremony of the outbreak of the wagon or, even better, the flight of the donkey in Empoli, whose tradition dates back to 1397. But the ceremony could be assimilated to ancestral rites, the oracles of ancient Greece and all those have always been present in any civilization. Curious, if not impressive, that in June 1966, the cable (at the time it was a rope) would break and interrupted abruptly catabasi the Captain, announcing calamity and misfortune to the peasants: in fact, 4 November of that year the bad guys predictions came true, and not just for the farmers ... Numerous documents and volumes attest that Lecore has always celebrated the commemoration of Cecco Saints. It is for example, that already in 1762 (Lechore was a community in itself: only in 1774, together with the community of Signa, in fact, was merged with Fields) a noble Florentine raccomandasse in a letter to his steward, "for the feast of Corpus Christi , because I can not be present, you do a good Cecco Saints. " And the age-old tradition has never been interrupted, not even during the Second World War, because the singular staging also enjoyed the German soldiers. Today we are experiencing a real recovery of all popular traditions, but the inhabitants of this tiny hamlet of Signa are always proud of their Cecco went, even when - especially around the 70s - this kind of celebrations that have become out fashion and mocked as naive or superstitious, seemed destined to disappear. In Tuscany, the ancient folk traditions that today are evoked through events, recall facts which in the past have marked the history of a particular city. It 's the case of the legend of the "Flight of Cecco Saints." According to popular tradition, Cecco Santi was a captain of the army of Vinci, who for the love of a noblewoman betrayed his city and was sentenced to a horrible being thrown from the tower of the Castle of the Counts Guidi, giving him the grace only if for miracle he managed to escape. As a last wish asked to drink a glass of good wine Vinci and ... the miracle happened! Thrown from the tower, Cecco was able to fly up the hill opposite the castle and save. So it was that in that year the farmers had abundant crops of grapes, olives and wheat. This tradition propitiatory relives every year on the last Wednesday of July when you recall the moments in the history of Cecco Saints to the exciting flight from the tower. The betrayal of Cecco According to a tradition so far has never been questioned, the captain Cecco Saints would have been at the head of the garrison, during the first decades of the fourteenth century, had the task of defending the castle of Vinci in the ongoing battles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines in that difficult period of our history. History tells us that Cecco Santi let enticed by the lure of an enemy army commander to whom he had promised, in return for a handsome sum of money, within easy access of the town. But the betrayal did not come to fruition because of the strange maneuvers of the captain suspicious population. Cecco Santi was under arrest, and after a full confession, he was sentenced to a term cruel to be thrown into the void from the castle tower. The current re-enactment does not run through the original script, but is limited to precipitate a puppet in the likeness of the medieval traitor, along a rope, from the highest point of the tower, ending his race in a steep escarpment outside the city walls.

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