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Signa, the river port of Florence in the Middle Ages offers a path dotted with villas, villages of ancient origin and towers onto which the holy places and churches covered with frescoes and panels of great artistic value.
The earliest origins of Signa meet in the Antiquarium with various finds of Etruscan and Roman times and still in the Castle where echoes of sieges and battles reach towers, wrapped today in an almost surreal silence, and long processions of saints welcome those who enter the churches.
In the parish church of San Lorenzo, rich tombs Capuchin Lombard period, the fourteenth-century frescoes of course Good, the Master of Barberino di Pietro Nelli, introduce to the large plates among which the work of Bernardino Monaldi. The case of the Blessed Giovanna funeral and the great tabernacle of the Master of Signa complete the journey in a church by the architectural structure very special.
With the sacredness of a typical sanctuary, the parish church of St. John, offers a course in the spirituality of Blessed Joan whose life is illustrated by a fifteenth-century fresco cycle in which it is possible to see, as in a series of photos of the era, the 'image of Signa in 400. Large plates of Gagliardi, Ferretti, Confortini join sculptures attributed to the Della Robbia and the Da Majano. The Cloister and the Museum of Sacred Art  complete its path.
In the church of S. Maria ancient works such as the crucifix attributed to Cimabue in the past and the Madonna of humility by Lorenzo Monaco, join the works of Sacconi and Coccapani.
S. Miniato, adorned with an eighteenth-century organ, the tomb of Michelacci, inventor of the art of straw.
In S. Peter Lecore, a Madonna by Bernardo Daddi and S. Peter works by Della Robbia; always Della Robbia the great altar reredos and the container of holy oils of S. Mauro.
Paintings and sculptures of interest also in the church of S. Angel Lecore, full of tables seventeenth century.
Every corner of Signa, joins the landscapes typical of the Florentine countryside, works of art of every age that fill harmonically tabernacles, squares, gardens.

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Church of San Miniato
Church of St. Peter in Lecore
Church of Sant'Angelo a Lecore
Church of San Mauro
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